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1. Spend less money
2. Create a food shopping list each week
3. Cut your gym membership and exercise outside
4. Be picky about what you read
5. Eat more vegetarian food
6. Say “No” more
7. Stop worrying about what other people think
8. Write more
9. Declutter regularly
10. Pass on what you don’t need or use
11. Meditate
12. Spend time alone
13. Do work you love or start working out what that might be
14. Check your email once a day
15. Associate with positive people
16. Take a digital sabattical
17. Stop doing unnecessary tasks
18. Be grateful
19. Take action
20. Be honest with yourself and others
21. Make the most of every day
22. Eliminate the unnecessary
23. Be patient
24. Stop listening to others opinions and listen to your own
25. Spend more time in nature
26. Spend more time “being” and less time doing
27. Cultivate a meaningful and intimate relationship with your inner self
28. Be willing to be true to yourself even if that means upsetting the status quo
29. Walk more
30. Embrace your inner hermit
31. Hang out with positive people
32. Ditch people that try and pull you down
33. Breathe


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