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I have just got home from losing control of my car in the snow and ending up off the road. I lost control of the car and tried to pull it back, but it ended up veering across the other lane. At that stage all I remember is screaming and thinking ‘this is it’ …. Luckily there was no oncoming traffic at the time but it felt like the car was going to flip over as I went over a grass verge. It left the road and I ended up in a field, luckily the right way up!

I am fine and completely in tact, just pretty shaken up. I have never had anything like that happen to me before and it is the one and only time my life has flashed in front of my eyes.  It’s been an eventful couple of hours and I am just calming down now after a hot bath and lots of tea! As I am sure you can imagine there have been a lot of thoughts running through my head since it happened and I wanted to share them with you.

Slow down and be prepared for the unexpected

I have to admit I need to slow down in life in general and I do drive too fast at times. I am not making myself wrong as the accident happened in a sudden blizzard, which I slowed down for so I think anything would probably have been too fast. Slowing down my driving and general approach to life has been something I have been working on, so I guess this is a good wake up call!

Some things are more important than money

I was on my way to a coaching session. When I composed myself I was concerned not to let my client down, and sorted that out with a phone call. However then I also started worrying about not earning my fee today as I have recently started working on a self employed basis alongside my part time job. As soon as the thought came into my head I caught myself and stopped. Without dramatising it, I know if things had gone slightly differently, I could have died today. Some things are more important than money.

I am not invincible

Related to what I said about slowing down, I realised today that I (and my car :) ) are not invincible. It may sound obvious to you, but it’s usually not to me. I am (fairly ;) ) young and I have never had a serious illness or accident and it really isn’t on my radar. Intellectually I know I am human and fallible but I often don’t feel like that. Of course, as with everything in life, it’s about balance, because we don’t want to go around thinking about our weakness and mortality all the time either, but I think its done me some good today to take stock and realise that I am not superwoman and I do need to take care of myself as much as humanly possible.

Treasure each moment

Once I had got home safely, I had a cup of tea (I am English after all! ;) ) and my cat Squeaky jumped on my lap and gave me some loving furry purry head butts! With the drama over, the reality of what happened today started to sink in along with the realisation that there could have been quite a different outcome. Cuddling my cat and sniffing the lovely homely smell of her fur, I really was in the moment and so grateful for her and everything in my life.

The kindness of loved ones and strangers

A few minutes after the accident, I was sitting dazed in the car when I tried to see if the car would move but the wheels were spinning on reverse and forwards. A few cars had driven past and I could see puzzled faces wondering why on earth there was a little purple car sitting in a field by the side of the road! I had called my husband who was on his way to help when a van stopped and the guy got out to see if I was ok and how he could help. It turned out that he had heard about the accident from a friend and turned round on his journey to come back and help me! We were assessing the situation. He drove down the road to see the best place to exit the field, and whilst he was gone a two other guys in a four wheel drive pulled up to help as well! The first guy came back five minutes later after picking my husband up too and between us all, we towed the car out of the mud. I was so touched by their kindness, especially in a freezing cold blizzard! Situations like this make you realise the inherent good in the human race.

What’s your legacy?

Once I had made my calls to my husband and client the next thought that popped into my head was pretty much: “that was close … if that had been it, what would be my legacy?” I know that I would be missed by my loved ones and that I have done some good with my life, but I also know I have a lot of potential to unleash and that I sometimes lack the confidence and drive to do what I know I am capable of. I think this is one insight from today that may take a bit of percolating, so I will keep you posted on what I come up with.

I am really grateful that things were not a lot worst today. I wanted to share them with you in case it helps you too. I know for one, I am going to drive as carefully as possible from now on! A lot of home truths really hit you in situations like this.

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