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If you have experienced a kickback when operating a table saw. You will feel how scary it is. We can never predict when a kickback will happen. It happens so quickly in a moment that you can’t react. n light cases, you only lose a piece of wood or bruise slightly. In heavier cases, unfortunately, you lose a finger or wood splashed into your face.

 Because we can’t predict when danger will happen. Therefore the manufacturer has created a tool called an anti-kickback pawl to avoid and reduce the risk that may occur to users or damage to the device. Let’s explore and learn about it through this article.

What is the kickback?

It happens during woodworking when you slide the wooden board through a circular saw. You can’t control the propulsion of the wood, so the blade must work too fast. It causes serious incidents such as saw blades being blown away in many directions, shreds of wood will shoot in the face. More seriously, it is your hand that is sucked into the saw blade, causing your hand to break and get injured.

It is very dangerous, isn’t it? If you still haven’t imagined its seriousness, you should probably some social networks like youtube you can see the user’s hands can be lost within a second. Therefore, to prevent kickback that can occur at any time, you should equip the anti-kickback pawls tool is extremely necessary.

What is kickback pawls?

A Pawl is a kind of latch to prevent movement. Anti-kickback pawls made of metal material shaped like two small saws together each with sharp teeth. The teeth are placed behind the circular saw when you push the wood through the circular saw, these two small saw blades will pass through the top of the wooden plate. That will help prevent a sudden kickback of the wood.

When should use anti-kickback latches?

I think you should use it any time you operate a table saw to cut wood. However, the best time to use is while you cut the rip to cut a piece of wood into two.

When should not use anti-kickback?

As I said above, the tool is only suitable for cutting rips, but also for cutting other types of cutting such as dado cutting is completely inappropriate. Because of the following reasons:

  •    Its size is also relatively large, limiting the surface of the saw table
  •   Some people also complained about the pawls of the tool that had made the wood plate after cutting with a scratch that ruined its aesthetic.
  •   It also reduces performance when cutting wood, The teeth on the tool prevent the process of pulling the wood out.

There are many conflicting opinions about whether or not to use this tool in your work. Consider its advantages and disadvantages to see if you should buy it or not.

The popularity of anti-kickback pawls

It is asserting itself in the tool market. But I often see people use for table saws as the best portable table saws and hand saws. It must not be attached to the device, If you want to purchase is also very simple, You can go to saw shops, or buy online is also quite ok. However, please buy at reputable websites that are trusted and known by many users.

Other things you need to know?

No protective device can guarantee 100 percent. However, if you are not fully equipped, it is more dangerous. Therefore, besides this tool, you can equip more protection tools such as riving knives, saw blade protectors, …

A very simple thing that many users have forgotten is to keep the workspace clean, wear protective clothes and stand properly. These are also ways to avoid potential risks for you.

 I almost forgot that you also need to pay attention to the distance between the saw blade and the key saw. If the wood does not reach the blade of the latch, you can still get kicked again. Please pay attention to this problem, when assembling equipment.

Finally, after using it, pay attention to scrub the tool carefully. Because the blade of the latch is very prone to rust over time. You don’t want this device to crash quickly and lose its effectiveness, right. Please pay attention.

In conclusion

I have given a very detailed introduction to the anti-kickback pawls device. Hope it helps you somewhat in considering the purchase of safety equipment when using your saw. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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