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Today’s guest post is from my husband Adrian. He is not a blogger (yet … I am working on him! ;) ) As I mentioned in many of my posts, Adrian is a huge inspiration for me. He is one of those people that ‘walks the talk.’

I have often found I get more pleasure from the small things in life.  The obvious clichés like watching a sunset, or enjoying a good meal, for example. I have also become to believe there is a benefit to this. At times when I have bought an expensive purchase, I have done so with high expectations, much higher than small purchases. This higher expectation leads to a greater chance of disappointment.  This has been demonstrated often in customer car surveys. The small, cheap cars often rank higher than the large, luxurious and expensive models. The magazines conducting these surveys, in their conclusions, often say this can be attributed to the fact that if you buy a car that promises more than you will obviously expect more. If the cheap car has a few rattles, so what? It’s not cost you much if the expensive one has similar rattles; you start to question where the differences are between the cars, for the extra expense.

With this in mind, I have come to the opinion that downsizing your life, as my wife and I have, and enjoying the simple things, can be even more rewarding than working more in order to earn more, so as to be able to buy more. Obviously, I’m not suggesting this will be the case for everyone, but it’s worth thinking about as it may be an option you haven’t explored that could bring you more contentment and happiness in your life.

So maybe give it some thought. If the things that make you truly happy are the small things, pursue them. You may find your life changes for the better, spiritually and financially.

Simple things that bring me pleasure

A good drill machine needs the best drill bits

Getting a buzz when I see squirrels. Now, this may sound like a strange one but, anyone who delights in observing an animal that appeals to them can probably relate to this. I have often tried to describe why I enjoy spotting them, I think it has to be something about my perceiving their behavior and movements as being playful and living in the moment.

Eating Italian style pizza. I wouldn’t say I LOVE  bread, or cheese, or tomatoes, or basil but, put these together and create a pizza and I find the smell and taste absolutely divine!

The sense of freedom that comes from owning an old car. No worrying if gets scratched, second hand (cheaper) parts available, less chance of it getting stolen, and of course less expensive to buy than a new one.

What small things in life bring you pleasure?

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