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Back by popular demand! Today’s guest post is the second guest post from my husband Adrian (my own personal guru!) ;)

I have sometimes read advice in blog posts, stating that it’s ok to just be a dreamer and by being positive everything will come to you. If only it were that easy! I have even read that there’s no need to be realistic! Now, I am a practical person so this sort of fly in the face of how I am. I think being realistic, or realism, is actually a positive attitude. It actually makes dreams possible or ‘real’.

I once read a book (Best Woodworking Books)years ago that has always stuck with me. In fact, it wasn’t a book as much as a few pages booklet. In this booklet it had a simple message – in order to achieve something or succeed, one must be prepared to do anything in order to achieve it. This made sense. To achieve something there can often be hurdles in the way. To get to the goal, these hurdles must be overcome, so in other words, one must be prepared to get over every hurdle. If any of the hurdles look like something you don’t want to approach, then you don’t want to achieve that success as much as you thought. It often happens that many hurdles that you imagined would exist would not actually occur, but it’s being prepared to take them on, if they do, that is important.

Now I don’t think getting over these hurdles can be done by dreaming it’s possible or just having a positive attitude, it takes more than that. I come from a very large family, and when I was young there was not a lot of money to go round. I had to wear hand-me-down clothes from my older brothers and sisters. Even from a young age, I used to care about how I looked, so I found this very hard. I used to dream about being able to wear fashionable clothes like my friends. I soon realized that dreaming about them would not change anything and my being positive on its own would not make the circumstances change. I looked at it realistically. If I wanted fashionable clothes I would have to find the cash myself to buy them. So I did. I delivered papers, dug gardens, washed cars, sold blackberries, etc in order to make my dream a reality. Being realistic helped me to turn my dream into something real. For this situation the hurdle was money. I wanted to succeed enough that I found a way to overcome that hurdle. I recognized that it was a dream that I really wanted to achieve. Now obviously staying positive played its part, but much more importantly it was the fact that I didn’t stay in the realms of dreams, I identified what it was I wanted to achieve, I stayed focused, I overcome the hurdles, and I reached success.

…And I looked as cool as a cucumber in my new clothes

This is the way I live my life, and it has worked for me. So, if you have a dream, look at it realistically, is it something you really want to achieve? Look at the hurdles, still, want it enough to overcome them? Then go for it!

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