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How often have you thought…when this happens, or I buy this,”I will be happy”.

We’ve all read about how things or people don’t make us happy but I for one know that, however many times I read this, I still manage to pull the wool over my eyes one more time!

For example, recently my husband and I decided to buy a netbook. Now these days I’m pretty self sufficient and don’t want a lot, although my new found geek does lust after technology (particularly the apple mac 🙂 ), suffice to say I was pretty happy to get this. But a few days down the line, with installation problems galore, the shine had come off. We have since sorted these problems, but there was a great lesson in there. Things don’t make you happy!

Another reminder has been in being offered and accepting a new job this week. I’ve been looking for a new job for nearly a year now and I am really happy that I have got one, and this one in particular. It is exactly where I wanted to work and opens up lots of possibilities around my mentoring and coaching work. I am really happy….now….but it took a few days to get there. I just wasn’t as happy as I imagined I would be.

Now before you think, maybe she’s just hard to please or never happy (which may be the case! 😉 ), I do think this is a common malaise. We convince ourselves that when this or that happens, things will be better. However enlightened we think we are, it’s easy to fall into that trap! When we meet “the one”, or achieve that goal, life will be better.

Just another reminder, the present moment is all we have.

So, this week, I’m working on being grateful for what I have (my new netbook and job, as well as many other blessings) and reminding myself that happiness isn’t dependant on anything ‘out there’. I have all I need to be happy right now. I just need to keep on remembering it! 🙂

How do you remind yourself that happiness isn’t ‘out there’, but here in the present moment?

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