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Note from Jen: This is a very exciting day for me, as I welcome my first ever guest post at Reach Our Dreams, from my friend, Oscar Del Ben. Oscar is a personal development blogger. He talks about productivity, learning, lifestyle and more at Freestyle Mind.

I have a friend who’s always uncertain when it comes to making a decision. He could think and change his mind five times before ordering a drink. It’s really annoying because we always have to wait for him to make the final decision.

The problem is, uncertainty is not limited to ordering a drink, it can follow everything you do, and it can affect your thoughts as well.

Uncertainty can also create a strong sense of anxiety, which is easy to transmit to people around you. For example, that’s why you might become nervous when the waitress needs to wait for your friends to take their orders.

One of the best things I’ve learned on my personal development journey is to make fast decisions. I usually don’t wait more than a minute before making my choice.

When I first implemented this habit, it was a bit odd, as I was afraid that I would make a lot of wrong choices.

I have indeed made a few wrong choices along the way, but that’s not even comparable with the sense of freedom that I get by adopting the habit of making fast decisions.

Even if you are not an adventurous person, you’ll be amazed by how much you can get by changing the way you make your decisions.

The trick is that you are pushing your comfort zone by attacking one of the most crucial things in your identity.

For example, when I quit smoking some years ago I made the decision that I was not going to smoke anymore. It worked. But I didn’t spend the whole day thinking about the consequences, the difficulties, and failures of other people, etc. Instead, I only said to myself that smoking was not right for me and I didn’t need to do it anymore. That was it. I threw away my cigarettes and lighter, and I became a smoke-free person after many years of imprisonment.

Making fast decisions is also a great way to beat procrastination, as you don’t have to over-think everything, trying to figure out what would be the best thing you could do. You just pick something from your list and you do it right now.

Try to keep all your decisions under a minute. In most cases, the world is not going to end and the first choice will be the one that you had already chosen inside of you from the beginning.

If you are still worried that you could make the wrong decision unless you take enough time, keep in mind that your brain will learn a lot by implementing this habit and you’ll get better at using it with practice. Most of the time, you’ll not have a second chance to try again.

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