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“Wherever you go, your mind will go with you.” Osho

I was watching a TV programme this week (yup…lots of day time TV this week due to the snow! :) ), where each week a family decides whether or not to emigrate to New Zealand or Australia from the UK. Each member of the family votes whether they should go or stay at different points in the programme and part of the decision making process includes a visit to the country of choice and a chance to look at possible property and jobs out there.

This week the programmed featured a family who said the main reason they wanted to emigrate to New Zealand was that they felt like they were overworked and wanted a change in pace. They talked about this a lot. On arriving in New Zealand however, the father, who was the one who they said spent too much time at work, found a job with a vineyard which he was really excited about, which would include working weekend and evenings and overtime for at least two years to get experience. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that decision, but watching this programme it was obvious that something didn’t add up. What they were saying they wanted and the actions they were taking were not congruent. As one of his daughters (about five years old) said, “Daddy could get a job working less hours in the UK.” The predictable scenario here is that they would create the same situation in New Zealand as they had in the UK.

Watching this episode made me think. I’m sure we’ve all done this – changed our circumstances in the hope that we will be different. Travel and moving are fantastic and I have done a lot of both in my life, but if you are expecting a place to make you different, you will be disappointed. You will not magically have more time or be different, just because you live in a different country. Yes … move, travel, experience the world! But know that for our day-to-day experience to change, we fundamentally need to change ourselves first.

“Things do not change; we change.” Henry David Thoreau

What’s your experience?

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